Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX6000 WiFi 6e

Xiaomi just released their sucessor to the AX3600, the AX6000. With the main difference being WiFi 6e support and 2.5 Gbit WAN-port.

Specs seems to be:

Qualcomm IPQ5018
1.0GHz NPU

Any hope on getting OpenWRT support for this unit?

Looks like the firmware is availaible:

Took a quick look and it looks like their support to WiFi 6e is just for the high MCS (1024 QAM for 4x4, 4096QAM for 2x2).

I don't see any reference to 6GHz


That thing is so spanking brand new it hasn't even landed in mainline yet. However, an initial patch got posted:

So it might be a little while...


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6ghz spectrum might not be approved in China yet.

AX3600 is already going as high as 5.8 GHz in some of the band, I think this is just market hype as both router going around 6 GHz.

yeah , sadly this stoping me to buy tree of them :frowning: but i'm crossing my fingers .

Just wanted to mention the devices not longer advertise itself as WiFi 6E as it does not support 6Ghz. So all reference of WiFi 6E has been stripped and is now replaced with WiFi 6 "Enhanced".