Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX3600

Not really. It is a gpio of the ath10 chipset, but if there actually is a led connected to it somewhere I dont know.

@robimarko I just stumbled upon this patch on ath11k:

[PATCH] ath11k: update missing mumimo and ofdma stats

As I am not an expert on debugfs, do you have an idea how these stats can be read/polled?

You can just cat them out of /sys/kernel/debugfs/ath11k per PHY, debugfs is nothing special.
But that patch is not merged yet as it was sent yesterday

Hello, tell me what link is this patch ?, also interested.

Hint is there a listing of frequencies depending on the selected country?. It is not possible to change the Country in the radio module settings, can there be a source file where there is a table of frequencies and power depending on the selected country?

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Just FYI:
An interesting patch was committed to the ath11k repo (awaits reviewing/merging) that could help us with ath11k memory usage, especially over time:

It wont help even a bit, cause if you read it, it only reuses the memory on firmware reload like during coldboot (Which is disabled as it does not work)

How about firmware crashes, that currently causes new memory allocation without freeing previously allocated memory?

In theory yes, but how many successful recoveries have you seen?
The driver was supposed to clean up the memory even now after a crash

Its not gonna hurt to backport it as well as other dozen or so patches

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Its a firmware issue that appears to have been resolved in a FW version that is not yet public

Thanks for the answer, I will use the 40 MHz band for now ...

What's the current state of support? What works, what doesn't?
Where can I find a guide with the steps needed to build and flash whatever builds are supported?

In this very thread, you'll know more after reading the last 7079 posts - afterwards the ax9000/ qhora 301w threads might fill in the blanks.


Pretty much everything works except offloading. And even part of offloading works

Well you have to search for it. I just finished working on it :wink:


any timeframe on when it will be public/available in openwrt (no pressure, just checking for a vague ETA so I can plan ahead) :slight_smile:

Cant wait for PPPoE to be added :wink:

You took the wrong repo ahahahah anyway just read the commit about that... Also I will be busy in the next week so rip pppoe for now... (Hope community can do the rest)

Must be this one:
(read the last commit for additional info)

The one you posted is the latest work, but reading last commit is still WIP.

Thanks @Ansuel

They are both WIP so... :slight_smile:

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