Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX3600

That should probably be OK, though you can find the exact commits here:

BTW, saw your PR for the update, will comment there

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Ok, just checked and the FW is for the SPF12.0 release that will be coming, its not actually for the 11.5.
11.5 uses: 11.5-557 version while 12.0 is up to 12.0-r2

So ATH11.5 is?

It should be the same as SPF11.5, they even state QCA_Networking.SPF_11.5.0

This is the CS release, to the bugfix one but the FW is definitively not for it

So this is the nss firmware for the WiFi firmware is it correct?


No idea what you meant by it, its NSS FW from the preview 12.0 release

I can't understand what they are referring with ATH... Guess they are referring to the WiFi firmware?

Nah, it's just a legacy naming thing.
ATH is equal to SPF these days.

So its either from one Frankenstein release or somebody messed up when uploading

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So I have to refresh it another time when they will release 12.0

No need to wait, 12.0 branch looks to be the most up to date/clean one.
I wanted to update to it anyway

Hi guys, share the configuration file for the Xiomi AX3600 Openwrt robimarko assembly, yesterday I was collecting the firmware, the ethernet ports were flooded, the device does not work, the device only responds via wifi 5Ghz AC.

If you want i can refresh the pr to it... don't think there are that much changes between 11.5 and 12

That would be great, just target the QSDK.12.0 branches.
I will probably just be trying to upstream stuff for a while, appears that we can use GDSC-s for USB-s instead of the raw regmap write.

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Are we still on the 4/22 build or am I missing a download location? I know a lot about this but have yet to delve into github and building my own image files.

Also, I created a new LED config trying to disable the blinking antenna for QCA9887 (radio0) and it doesn't affect it. I can always use a piece of black electrical tape I suppose! Haha


That should be latest

Does your build support mesh?

Yeah, it should work

Thanks! Mesh will work directly from prebuilt images 2022-04-22?

I soft bricked my ax3600 with a kernel panic.
Last time I recovered with TFTP, but this time I thought it would be faster to open the box and use uart to just switch the partition.
Well, it takes some time to open the box, but now I have a female uart connector outside of the box for future use.

My question is, if xiaomi has dual boot partition, how does xiaomi detects a bad partition and switches to the good one?
I couldn't trigger this.

(Edit: same photo, but resized)

They depend on the kernel to set the rootfs env variable to the other one if mounting rootfs fails

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