Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX3600

I'm not sure where you're based but ordering on with the 'priority direct mail' shipping option takes around one to max two weeks for western Europe. That's ā‚¬121 including shipment.

You can buy it for 97$ including shipping to EU at

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Yea, there's at least a couple of sellers on Aliexpress with free 1 week EU shipping.

Would be helpful if you could link them because I couldn't find any selling the AX3600 :slight_smile:

I know banggood is a bit more expensive but I'm certain I'll receive my stuff in about one week, don't risk any customs fees with PDM shipping and quite easily get my money back when the product arrives defective.

I've just played around with the ship to country and you're right, because the delivery time changes depending on which EU country it's being shipped to. For example the delivery courier "Special Line-YW" is 1 week delivery for Spain and the UK, but 1 month for Germany!

Can someone check out the times for italy?

You could also check ebay. Many sellers shipping from DE or CZ for 90 or 100ā‚¬. They might ship to IT too.

They also write in the description that it's the Chinese version.

If you are good with soldering I can send you one without bootloader. Iā€™m based in Italy too

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I'm far from my solder equipment (in another home) so no luck about that :frowning: thx anyway... Also how you wiped the bootloader o.o ?

Power gone off while trying to get it back to life after messing with the firmware

better wait for aliexpress 11.11 big discounts!!!!

Hi everyone, is it possible to just upgrade the kernel version while also maintaining ssh? I wanted to intergate this router into the time sensitive network with the working PTP. Thank you very much.

check this

I finally started poking around again at 5.9.
Unfortunately, I can't get the damn kernel to boot, simply no output at all.
I even forced earlycon and nothing.

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Too bad, i encountered the same with the ipq-5.4 kernel from codeaurora, it just stuck after u-boot.
Are you using the 5.9 staging tree from Felix?
I'll try my luck later on the RAX120, but I'm afraid it won't boot either ....

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Yeah, it's based on the 5.9 from Felix.
I had the same thing on 5.4 but then I added reserved memory and that solved it.

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What exactly did you add as reserved memory to the dts?

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Pulled the nodes from stock DTS and added that

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Allright, i'll try the same.

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If you all are starting investigation again on 5.9 I'll get my device out of the box.

You pushing your changes to your GitHub ?

Actually for me in 5.4 the base ipq8074 image booted for me enough to start seeing kernel logs over serial (I moved from there)