Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX3600

@robimarko qsdk12 for the future... (no nss firmware) (useful the mac80211 patch)

Weird thing is that qsdk12 kernel tree is older than 11.2 or 11.3

There is a lot of IPQ807x fixes missing like 1.4GHz clock instead of 1.0

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Kernel 5.9 has already been released (there is even released v. 5.9.1), so we don't need to wait until 2021 :slight_smile:

We still need to wait openwrt to implement it.

Yeah, that is currently delaying new targets as nobody wants to backport everything.
Sometimes you really cant backport stuff

think the problem of having less and less maintainer on the kernel can also be applied to openwrt devs :frowning:

Agreed, I would be happy to help maintain the devices I have. It looks like IPQ807X will need a few very dedicated maintainers as (probably) a lot of devices with the SoC would be to expensive for people to risk changing the OS.

At lest we know that this device is supportable with the mainline kernel (and ath11k), It is very messy (any annoying) having to backport so much to just get the basics working.

But since the 5.9 kernel is a stable one and not an lts one, will it be added to openwrt?

It will most likely be LTS as they are released every 5 kernel version and that year after the last LTS.
It would make no sense for it to not be LTS

While v5.9 hasn't formally declared LTS yet, the standing policy is that the last kernel released at the end of the year will become the next LTS kernel. With v5.9 having been delayed by a week and xmas and in early january (whatever shape that's going to take this time), I wouldn't expect v5.10 before the second week in january at the earliest.
(Obviously there might always be prior agreements with android and the other big distros to standardize on a common target for LTS, but v5.9 is the likely candidate).

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Hi everyone, is it possible to recover the router without uart and ssh? I messed up the router real bad. My first router.

You can try debricking using TFTP probably tools posted there can be used but with swaped firmware files

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For debricking when you didn't touched the bootloader.

Xiaomi ax3600 recovery

Greg KH has now said that 5.10 will be the next LTS kernel.

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In this case Ansuel could merge his changes to the "next OpenWRT kernel".

If the testing kernel code doesn't magically disappear I will port ipq806x to 5.9 anyway since the change for our target will be minimal. Anyway I still need to decide if it's worth to buy this router

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I'm also still undecided. May I ask what is holding you back exactly?

Time, the fact that i need to wait 1 month min for the chinese version and the lack of wifi 6 device... I would only buy it to add support for openwrt... I don't really need a device superior to my r7800

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Dude done - I will pay to make this happen if the only thing keeping all of us between ax3600 and sweet sweet openwrt is a bit of cash. Just hit me with paypal/Vimeo details and let’s get this month long shipping game happening!


The main sticking point with this devices is purely down to it being both the 1st and only ipq807x based device being worked on (as far as I can tell). There is more work involved in getting an entirely new platform running.

I have had OpenWRT running with WiFi initializing a few weeks ago, there is just a lot of work involved