Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX3600

For the start at least

FYI i am using this adapter, supports 1.8v / 2.5v / 3.3v / 5v logic (FTDI FT232RL based)

So we are all basically using the FT232RL.
Also, I just pushed MDIO support as well.


Ordered now a FT232RL with 1.8V option right here:

It'll probably arrive within a few weeks. until then, if you need any checks with stock international firmware - please let me know.

I just got my RAX120 and I wonder, do I need an FTDI with 1.8v for the console? Or can I use 3.3?
I am asking because I don´t know very well when you talk about the xiaomi or the netgear device...
Is there anything I can do to help with?
The repository that you have been mentioning is for the netgear or xiaomi?

Take your multimeter and check the voltage on your serial pin header...

This thread title is "Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX3600" so i guess it's about this device exclusively...

Same as above...

For a generic ipq807x discussion, you should head over to:


Opened mine... (one screw hided behind the center sticker and not that easy to open) (also wtf why so big and half the space is just heatsink... )
Notice something strange, from the original bootlog the usb driver is installed and a hub is actually detected... Wonder if they just skip the usb port on the board and there is a way to add them manually.


An USB port would be really interesting, at least for me :wink:

no header on the pcb so a skill in microsolder is required i think...

They simply did not disable the USB ports at all as they just reused the AC04 reference board DTS

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@robimarko do we have a quick guide to enable uboot / ssh? or should i use the search function?

I used this:

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Also this Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX3600 - For Developers - OpenWrt Forum

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Having some problem with tx terminal. Do you use it? Can you confirm that serial header from pin one is (vcc, gnd, rx, tx)

You can see the silkscreen above the header

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wow didn't notice that ahahah sorry

The size is choosen to have the required distance between the antennas i think.

@robimarko they really have gone mad with wifi interrupts... Anyway do we have a driver that have priority than others to port on the router?

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I would say wired networking.
Well yeah, ath11k is a bit mad when it comes to interrupts

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You mean make it working with the dsa driver?