Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX3600 (Part 1)

Good time! , thanks for the answer, yesterday I tried to assemble your openwrt assembly, and tried to add 2.6 FW Ath 11k, after uploading it to Xiomi AX3600, the driver starts with an error in memory -2. And also the ethernet interfaces did not work, only one wifi module worked in AC mode. Have to wait for support for the AX3600?
Do you also have NSS 2 working? According to the description, the AХ3600 should support 4?

I don't know if it matters, but this is what I see in the driver/pacakge:

I think that the values without the he_ prefix are for AC. By default they are enabled according to the wiki:

Y suppose the he_ are for AX, but the wiki is not updated with the values.

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If you have an Intel card, setting the WiFi driver (in your computer) to "maximum performance" can greatly improve jitter and lower the latency. Furthermore, throttling background WiFi scanning makes a night and day difference in Linux. These are all client side tweaks.

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Please read it again, it clearly states that 2.6 FW that works is not public yet

thanks this makes some more sense....
isn't there any post/site explaining all the values? from the results I've seen I doubt the wiki is up to date....

I suppose the only place is the code... this are the default values I think:

Only docs would be the hostapd config:

Since those are 1:1 mapped with hostapd options


noob question, but how does one go about doing that? gnome network manager or command line?

The typical Network Manager approach is to simply add a new configuration file under /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/ to make those settings permanent:



But you can easily play with the power_save setting in the command line to see the immediate effects:

iw dev WL_IFACE_NAME get power_save
iw dev WL_IFACE_NAME set power_save off

PS: when I did my testing the jitter wasn't so bad even with background scanning enabled as long as MAC randomization wasn't turned on. However, these results are somewhat old and performed with an older card (Intel 8265) -- maybe things would be different today with the newer Intel AX210 and the latest kernel, YMMV.

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Can confirm, it's the same with AX210, tested with mint and manjaro with latest kernel .

With default power_save on wifi ping was high and all over the place, after power_save off wifi ping is always at ~2ms.


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2.6 fw is on github now


That version crashes the remoteproc. The version Robi is referring to is not out yet. ( WLAN.HK.2.6-02451-QCAHKSWPL_SILICONZ-1)

Like @dchard said, those ones crash the remoteproc

@robimarko I think QCA changed the ABI of several WMI calls in their latest ath11k version on the git. I guess we need to wait until the ~400 staged patches find their way into upstream.

Most likely, that is why I found it weird that 02451 booted fine yesterday, as it's used in 11.5 CSU1 and fixes multiple Q6 crashes we currently see.

I tried looking at their wlan-open repo but its hard to spot anything related there.

I am also hoping that 11.5 NSS FW will be pushed to QUIC

It's a mess have more fixes than

Considering they changed ABI i wonder if this is the reason WiFi offload doesn't work.

Its not unusual, they have been doing this for a while now.

I'm in any case very disappointed with intel wifi, have to try those gixes, are you aware of a tweak to activate ch 12 and 13? Very strange behavior if my wifi is set to 13, it will neither find the 5GHz AP while 2.4g is on 13... Never encountered this with any other card, at least in the past few years. Same with linux and windows 10.

Hi guys, tell me how many devices did you manage to connect to the AX3600 ?. We want to put in the conference room , participants 100-120 devices will be connected mainly phones. The video from the performance stage will be duplicated. Will the AХ3600 (openwrt) be able to use the resources, or can you not count on it?
Devices will operate primarily at 5 GHz, in 802.11 АХ modes, and 802.11 AC.

You will have to do that kind of benchmarking yourself, but I would plan with at least 3-4 APs for that number of clients.