Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX3600 (Part 1)

If you are good with soldering I can send you one without bootloader. Iā€™m based in Italy too

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I'm far from my solder equipment (in another home) so no luck about that :frowning: thx anyway... Also how you wiped the bootloader o.o ?

Power gone off while trying to get it back to life after messing with the firmware

better wait for aliexpress 11.11 big discounts!!!!

Hi everyone, is it possible to just upgrade the kernel version while also maintaining ssh? I wanted to intergate this router into the time sensitive network with the working PTP. Thank you very much.

check this

I finally started poking around again at 5.9.
Unfortunately, I can't get the damn kernel to boot, simply no output at all.
I even forced earlycon and nothing.

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Too bad, i encountered the same with the ipq-5.4 kernel from codeaurora, it just stuck after u-boot.
Are you using the 5.9 staging tree from Felix?
I'll try my luck later on the RAX120, but I'm afraid it won't boot either ....

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Yeah, it's based on the 5.9 from Felix.
I had the same thing on 5.4 but then I added reserved memory and that solved it.

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What exactly did you add as reserved memory to the dts?

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Pulled the nodes from stock DTS and added that

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Allright, i'll try the same.

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If you all are starting investigation again on 5.9 I'll get my device out of the box.

You pushing your changes to your GitHub ?

Actually for me in 5.4 the base ipq8074 image booted for me enough to start seeing kernel logs over serial (I moved from there)

Will push it to GitHub, it's been local so far.

Cheers, I'll try get mine back to a good state tomorrow.

I wouldn't be totally suppried if 5.9 is broken even on the hk01 dev platforms (as the ax3600 used to boot using that DTS anyway)

@robimarko things that can prevent from boot can be various... one can be that it's just no serial output....
But from many testing on ipq806x if some reset or register are set badly the router just locks and doesn't power on at all (no output after kernel load)
I would try to disable pci (if it's enabled in the dts and try to enable the bare minimum) (i had the same problem when i was working on some fix for pcie)

Looks like 5.9 still lacks the proper PCIe gen 3 phy changes for this platform. :frowning:

still it could be that they merged some code that broke support... The next thing i would check is the gcc driver

@Ansuel There is just bare minimum in the DTS, no PCI-e etc.
Even if they panicked the kernel earlycon should have shown that, I mean its only purpose is instant debugging even in lowest kernel boot stages.

@Apache14 Yeah, PCI-E 3.0 was never merged, but its not hard to include it manually.

Don't know if they changed something but in my case or r7800 it happen that the kernel crashed as soon as it was loaded by uboot and no serial output. (no panic nothing at all)