Adding OpenWrt support for Xclaim X0-1

Hi i got this nice ap and i'd have run openwrt on it, it's ruckus rebrand bassicly with retarted app/ cloud management. i have managed so far get to serial access and this is it bootlog
spec is cpu qca9557 256MB ram and 64MB spi flash with ar8035 ethernet chip and ar9882 wlan chip
Can someone help? Thanks

you could try booting the MikroTik RB922UAGS-5HPacD initramfs.

Thanks for reply . Already tried meraki mr18, zyxel nbg6616 and also rb922uags but with no luck sadly :frowning:

yeah, it says something about Bad magic number.

you could try

The bootm command on the Ruckus bootloader will load a standard uncompressed uImage. The LZMA implementation is borked and won't load a LZMA compressed image, it needs to be compressed with the "no-dictionary" option.

Depending on the size of the initramfs image you loaded, it may be that the default load address is overwriting something and corrupting the image, or at least that was my experience, so you might try a different load address.