Adding OpenWrt support for Tenda f6 300mbps access point

Hi, i am asking if it's possible that this access point [ Tenda f6 300mbps ] can be supported :sleepy: :sob:

a) if your device isn't explicitly listed as supported, it isn't. This would not rule out it getting supported in the future, but someone (e.g. you, yourself) with the device on their desk would have to develop the necessary changes to support it on the source level.

b) there is very little information about this device, but what I am seeing is:

  • qca953x (good)
  • OEM firmware using eCos and not being based on linux (very bad)
  • <1 MB firmware size (very bad, suggesting that the whole system flash might be in the totally insufficient 1-2 MB range)
  • RAM is probably insufficient as well (eCos)

So chances are very low, even if someone experienced would get it onto their desk - it's definitely not a device to buy with OpenWrt in mind.

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thank you so much broo for giving me such useful informations.I just wanna now how can u make ur own router frameware .I just started learning coding but i have no idea how openwrt made?:pray:

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