Adding OpenWrt support for OmniTIK 5 PoE ac

I got an OmniTIK 5 PoE ac and i would like to get it working with OpenWRT.

I managed to get the kernel booting using the TFTP method but it stopped at [ 0.000000] MIPS: no machine found for id 'omni-sc', supported machines:

Has there been any work done on this device? is there any suggested direction one can take to work towards getting it added?


thanks for trying the current Mikritik OpenWRT Firmware, I just wanted to try that myself this evening, you saved me a bit of time there:-)

I also bought a Mikrotik OmniTikG-5HacD (OmniTIK 5 ac) for my Patio and thought, for Accesspoint Only I get along with RouterOS.... but neeeeeigh....

I am currently not able to convince the switch (why is there a switch in the first place on a Accesspoint type device???) to pass through vlans to the appropriate ssid, despite trying three different approaches of which individually should work on routeros.... but even with a traffic dump on the device itself, I see hat the traffic reaches the device but is not forwarded to (through) the bridge to the wifi ssid at all....

I want openwrt so badly.....


Uli G

This device is very similar to the hap ac, which was supported by ar71xx
Some time ago I built a quick test ath79 qca8k based image for both of these devices. You should be able to get some hints from it at least: omni ac
It worked for me at the time, and given my device is now functioning, and out-of-reach, I have been reluctant to change it.

Not submitted to Openwrt:

  • master ath79/mikrotik does not use qca8k
  • kernel 5.4 qca8k does not support switch vlan offloading, and the backport is not straightforwards
  • on the hap ac I could not get the SFP port functioning correctly (needed fixed-link, and link reset).
  • voltage / temp sensor support not included (kernel driver works, but needs hacky DTS)
  • PoE control not supported (no kernel driver, but may be third party: see mtpoe_ctrl rb750r2 rb960pgs)


to pass through vlans to the appropriate ssid

My problem is that i need it to run BABELD for our mesh network. If i can do that the POE switch + omni directional access point point be a godsent.

Right now i manager to configure vlans across different devices to pass it to another router that deals with babeld.

I would settle for root access but it seems that the only way to get root is to use an exploit and leave the device exploited.

I wish microtik would take a page from Ubiq and give us root access :slight_smile: