Adding OpenWrt Support for Netgear RAX120 (Nighthawk AX12)

You have to add an mbn file containing the firmware, referenced in this post: Adding OpenWrt Support for Netgear RAX120 (Nighthawk AX12) - #320 by pipe2null

I am in the same boat. I keep searching to see if I can find any info. There is this issue with a buffalo router, same chipset, where using a generic BDF file helps, but does not fix the issue. Could this 'workaround' work for the RAX120v2?

I'm about to get another RAX120. Will give that a shot when it arrives next week.
In the meantime the only "custom" firmware that has worked fine is that SWRT fork by paldier.

In general, even in its current state, the mesh works fine, I tested a full-fledged mesh between RAX120 and Mi Router 4 and it worked perfectly (despite completely different chipsets), and through the WDS Client. The only thing I didn’t check was Fast Roaming, I just needed Mesh.

I also have a RAX120v1, if you need anything from this router, write. In general, the v1 and v2 boards look very similar, maybe the v1 version can help?

Just tried it and it still didn't work. After applying both parts of the fix, 5G radios are still low powered. 2.4G has proper power output. Also of note, part 2 of the fix deletes cal-ahb0000.bin. This file gets recreated when rebooting.
Edit: Just to add, I am using the NSS build for RAX120 posted here: Qualcommax NSS Build

Nuts, was hoping that would work. With stock Netgear firmware, I don't have these issues with the wireless radios. It's only OpenWRT that seems to be an issue.

I am using an NSS build as well, though when using stock OpenWRT build the same issues occur with the 5Ghz radio. Only the generic BDF file fixes the 5Ghz, but disables the secondary 5Ghz radio.

I just got myself a second hand RAX120 and want to figure out how to use it as a mesh ( not as an AP ) which is only possible if I learn how to flash it properly with OpenWRT firmware ( and only if it is possible )
I was wondering if someone could help me guide to some documentation which I can use to achieve the same ?

I am a technology guy but not a very low level one to build the firmware from scratch on a specific operating system but have the time in hand and may be learn a few things on the way.

Please help

I also tried pulling the caldata from a wrx-36 using the method described in the MX4200 workaround and placing it on a RAX120 and it did mostly the same as the generic BDF, disabling the second radio but giving different power values. 27db for 2.4G and 25db for 5G.
Edit1: It seems the Xiaomi AX9000 also has 3 radios. Maybe we could try using its caldata?