Adding OpenWrt support for Netgear R6800

Hi, community.
What do you need to initiate a firmware building for this device?
Hardware? Donation?

WI1 chip1: MT7615N
WI2 chip2: MT7615N

p.s. Netgear R6700v2/R6900v2 Asus RT-AC85P has the same hardware..

Device support faq
Tbh, the issue is usually time. It’s a fair amount of trial and error to get a device supported - with no guarantees it’ll be successful.

If your really want support added for this device, and you’re willing to learn, give it a try yourself.


  1. Serial adapter
  2. Soldering the serial headers on your device board
  3. General overview getting started
  4. More specific development faq

To close the loop:
Support for R6800 has been added with;a=commit;h=4e9317201d3fb47800b387d69d79c00f38d2dbfd

OpenWrt firmware images for R6800