Adding OpenWrt support for Mikrotik SXTG-2HnD v2


I'm new to OpenWRT and I'm searching help to install OpenWRT on this product:

Here some additional information get from supout.rif:
platform : MikroTik
board-name : SXT 2
board : sxtg5p
system type : Mikrotik SXT G-5HPnD
cpu model : MIPS 74Kc V4.12
ASEs implemented : mips16
architecture-name: mipsbe


All netboot tested from SXT prebuild have failed. I suppose because there is an additional AR8033 Integrated 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Transceiver.

There is no pre-cabled serial line console, but seems to be pins available for 3.3v serial line on print board circuit. I have no hardware to be able to get information from this.

Any help or advice would be welcome.

Hi huggo,

That device (the product link is different to the boardID from your supout) is not currently supported by OpenWrt.
If you are happy compiling and modifying OpenWrt yourself, you may be able to get it working. Note: OpenWrt does not have support for the old NAND filesystem RouterBoot requires, which may have caused NAND errors for some devices, and is why the there are no prebuilt snapshot images for Mikrotik NAND devices.

If you do want to try this, let us know, and we can give you some more hints.

For the serial lines, I use a CP210x based USB TTL / serial adapter, but any USB serial adapter that supports the correct voltage will be fine. Connect up the ground, TX, and RX pins only, but RouterBoot and RouterOS will (generally) not use the serial pins on hardware that does not have an advertised serial connection.

There is a supported device that is fairly similar. You may be able to compile that device, with a uci-defaults file to enable the wireless device to allow you to connect to Wi-Fi, then ssh into OpenWrt. Then work out the ethernet hardware from there. Or that device's netboot image might damage your hardware.