Adding OpenWrt support for Linksys MR6350

Thank you very much, is it possible to install the compilation like installing the one from @rwl408, that is, return to the factory firmware through the recovery method and then install the compilation from the linksys firmware???

I already changed the bootloader variable to be 5 MB.

Ask? What version of openwrt did you build the compilation???

Can you update the list of packages and install them?

I didn't try it. Sysupgrade worked on my device from 22.03 to the new version.

It's the current main branch from OpenWrt

Should be possible as long as there are no kernel dependencies

I just installed it successfully, I have noticed that it consumes more ram memory than the previous compilation by @rwl408, I cannot install sqm or nftables due to an incompatible version of the kernel. I have noticed an improvement in the signal of both Wi-Fi bands, they are much better than the previous compilation...

I will continue testing it and I will inform you of any news.

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So far excellent performance with 100 megabyte fiber optics, much better with the previous compilation, I can highlight that I use the router as a wireless repeater.

There are many changes since the previous version, for example kernel 6.1 and DSA. I don’t know what exactly causes the increased RAM usage but from my point of view it’s understandable.

That’s what I also saw in another IPQ40xx device after upgrading. Looks like there is an improvement in the driver itself. Note that the WiFi port for this device is not yet complete. I don’t know if it has any impact on the WiFi performance.

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I flashed the OEM firmware and connected an USB stick. There was no LED activity at all during using the stick. So I removed the LED completely from the DTS. It was probably copypasta from another device.

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Good morning, reporting so far everything is perfect, No news, I also attach the cpu consumption with full download and upload 100/100megas :grinning:

Do you use multiple LAN ports? Today my router kicked the ports somehow and I was not able to connect to the attached devices anymore. Not reproducible until now but if someone faces similar issues, I have to investigate.

Good afternoon, I am only using 1 lan port and I have not had any problems. I did test all the ports quickly and validate if they all worked and everything was ok. In this sense, how did you solve it, turning it off and on did it fix it, or did you factory reset it?

Yes, just rebooted and it’s working since then

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Updating information so far everything is ok, speed test through the router configured as a 5ghz wireless repeater, speed 100mg/100mg :grinning: :grinning:

Good afternoon, I am trying to install luci-app-sqm and luci-app-nft-qos and when trying to install it there is a kernel error, any solution?


You have to build your own image with the required kernel modules

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I think I found a PR which describes what to do:

Good afternoon, excellent, did you add it to your construction?

I did it as described here:

The board-2.bin in the firmware is identical to the one I created, I hope it is applied accordingly.

If you want to test the firmware (would be interesting if there is any change in speed or range copared to the previous version):

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Excellent contribution, I am currently very happy with the current firmware so far, very stable and excellent WiFi coverage, I ask you, would it be worth updating? Will there be any improvement? What would influence? Specifically, and sorry for the question, I have very basic knowledge of openwrt. :smiley:

One the one hand: never change a running system.
On the other hand: any test of the new firmware would be great.
You have to decide if you want to risk a not working system.

ok, have you already updated it on your mr6350???

Yes, but I don’t use it in a productive environment until now. I just checked that there are no errors in the system logs and did a short test with WAN, one LAN and both WiFis. I didn’t see any differences compared to the previous version. 2.4 GHz speed is quite slow on my device, but that was already the case with the previous version. Maybe related to my environment or the default settings. With 5GHz, I get the full speed of my provider (200/50 Mbit/s)

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