Adding OpenWrt support for Linksys E5600

After flashing 21.02 RC3, the LAN ports of my router seems to be disabled. I am able to see e5600 logging into my other router via the WAN port but the LAN ports seems to have been disabled. Even flashing the older snapshot LAN ports are disabled and there is no way to ssh into the router.
I will try to enable the wifi in the build image and flash to see if BR-LAN is disabled.

Edit: In my host kern log I found autoneg failing. Reduced the LAN speed to 10 Mbps and the link was connected. Replaced the cat5e test cable with cat6 and was back to 1Gbps. Not sure if it the hardware issue or software as the same MT7621 is working correctly on Archer C6.

So its not just me then. The latest stock adds EasyMesh and it constantly disconnects my clients (iOS at least). So its likely that they messed up. This doesn't happen on the snapshot build however. So I am guessing it is likely a problem with the stock firmware.

So hopefully it's not a hardware issue otherwise even I was thinking of applying for a replacement. I'll try with OpenWrt when 21.02 is released. Thanks!

The 21.02 RC3 includes support for E5600 ... The main branch is actually really stable imo for E5600 but compared to stock it doesn't perform as well (normal). I can get around 450mbps maybe or sometimes even bursts of 500mbps on 5G on stock compared to 350Mbps or around 300Mbps on main branch which is much lower but probably the class this device falls in anyway. I would say this device can be perfectly fine for SQM for upto 150mbps (you cant do wireless more than that realistically in another room with this) and a great WiFi device for a 100/100 connection. Beyond that maybe you want something more powerful.

I have a 50Mbps connection so I don't care about performance too much. I just don't want random disconnections and ping spikes.

The latest snapshot r16966-940c196be1 is giving me a consistent 450Mbps+ download and 500Mbps+ upload from an OpenSpeedTest server hosted locally on 1Gbps LAN.

I have gone through this entire thread. Am I right that everything basic works out of the box with the latest RC3 release? I mean both 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio. Can this be updated via stock firmware's update firmware window?


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So i flashed this firmware but the network isn’t working correctly when i am updating packages it gives me wget error returned 4

Did you try the latest RC3 release?

can you provide me the link pls ?

when i am trying to install squid i am getting this error in the rc3 build

bro this build is very bad every time the router turns off it resets the configurations and the root is situated in the /tmp directory.

for me the build resets the config as well. I feel like the main branch is the most stable and it takes little to install luci actually so I prefer using it over RC3 as well for now. But there is no real device specific change really. Most of the work is from @aashishkul 's commit and @digislayer 's request so I don't understand what is different.

I had this issue from day1 with this release, so switched to the master and that has been stable and saving configuration on reboot and 5G radio has become more reliable.

Is there a difference between e5600 and e5600-ah ?

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This topic was intended for adding support for this specific device.
Since official 21.02.0 images are available now, I will set a timer for this topic to close.


Because specific problems for this device with official releases are better handled in separate topics, in order to make finding relevant information easier. Who is going to read the previous 100-something postings, if he has a specific problem with 21.02.0 and wifi?

Therefore: Please open new topics for any open issues with this device.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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