Adding OpenWrt support for Fast fwr310 v4

Hello guys, nice job so far!

I was wondering, it is an old model but I did not found any details about it.

This is a fast fwr310 version 4,

Seems to be similar to NEXX 3020H/F/AD (8 MB Flash / 64 MB DDR / MT7620N) although the number of ethernet ports is not the same. Does not have usb.

The FWR V3 is similar to tl-wr841nd, but on V4 this is not the same.

Any advise on wich firmware to use?



Doesn't appear to be supported[Model*~]=310

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Indeed Watson,

It is somehow supported as a clone of
TP-Link TL-WR841ND v8: TP-Link TL-WR843ND v1, Mercury MW300R v3 and Fast FW300R v3. ==> NOT V4.

V4 is mediatek 7620n not AR9341

So the SOC is supported, just not tailored for Fast V4.

Then port it Sherlock

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Lol @jeff I could do it if some one could point me to the memory mapping stuff. cross compilation is the easy part. just the memory map and initial details that i lack more knowledge.

Could you help me? :slight_smile:

There's a regular parade of "Why can't just use PieceOfCrap 941v17 firmware on LooksJustLikePieceOfCrap 940?" here

First steps are typically getting serial access and a boot log (or at least dmesg if login is possible over SSH or telnet).

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No shit Sherlock. Lol
Laughing out loud here :slight_smile:

Let's grab some coffe and a ttl shifter to see if some log comes to papa :smile:

3.3 V likely,

DTS files will be in target/linux/ramips/dts/

fgrep mt7620n.dtsi target/linux/ramips/dts/*

(My guess is a rebrand/clone of one of the ZBT units, or close)

sudo apt install build-essential git gitk libncurses5-dev gawk unzip wget curl ccache rsync zlib1g-dev

on Debian 9

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Indeed - Seems to be very simliar to only without USB

@leopucci - Did you ever make progress on this? I'm trying to find an open source firmware for FWR310 v5 or at least one that is in English.