Adding OpenWrt support for Extreme Network AP3935i

Hi, I tried to build this but was unable to find the AP3935 in the menu. The link as expired, found and AP3965 I would like to try it on. I Think it is a outdoor version of 3935.

hy, please try this link

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Thanks! I will try and post the results.

Hello all
What tool do you guys use to flash the compiled file? and then what did you use to change the MOSTRECENTKERNEL=0?

Just to add that I use Windows.

please follow the instructions from git commit

If you experience problems please write here.
Problem with "MOSTRECENTKERNEL=0" does not happen every time.

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Thank you so much. I've managed to flash the one you kindly provided via wetransfer.

Do you know if there is a later image available or how one would go about building one from the latest repo?

Also, how can I get apps installed such as OpenVPN, Dynamic DNS, WireGuard etc


you need to apply the commit from @dmascord

you can include packages when you are in make menuconfig

@saxy Thank you so much. I have never done this before so I will give this a go and feed back.

Is there a plan to make the support official? I am not knowledgeable with how these things work but from what I have seen, it looks like there was a Pull Request submitted to include support but the latest comment was to "rebase". I don't actually know what that means but it sounds like a request to download the most recent version of the full OpenWrt and re-apply the code to support the AP3935i and possibly fix any inconsistencies or conflicts. I hope I've that's correct.

I think I figured out how to do it. Instead of checking out v22.03.0-rc6, you need to run git checkout -b 356e98db7cac873dcd1a9c89d6c9360c436f094e then continue with the ./scripts/feeds update -a steps

@saxy At the make menuconfig menu, I am not seeing the Extreme option in the list of profiles. The only options are:
Arris TR4400 v2
Compex WPQ864
etc etc

and no


I went with the default and it generated