Adding OpenWrt support for Extreme Network AP3805i

I´m really thinking that to measure pulses. Is on my shop list :slight_smile:
Looking for some low budget on bangood.

If you remove the metal plates and look for the JTAG-solder points that might be an easier solution.

If you look at my picture of the Extreme-device, the first pic with the plates off there is a bunch of solder points close to the PCI-E card. That's the JTAG afaik and the points are quite large so there should not be any problems to place some pins there.

The problems you have with the serial output looks exactly like what i get when the earth/shield is not properly connected.

is it possible that the ground pin is not actually ground?

have you measured ohms between the ground pin and one of the shields?

Hi Guys! Sorry I was out these days... Another projects here.

For some reason forum don't allow me to post to thread anymore.
@Dragets You refer to 14pin connector named J1 under shield? I found that several of the pins are in fact ground, but not found any other connected to rx - tx of J10. @mpratt14 yes is grounded. 0 Ohms between J10 pin2 and ground (shield and negative from power supply)

I don't recommend JTAG because it is difficult...but to answer you

yes, JTAG pinout usually has all pins as ground on one side

example (FONTERA 2200A)

Hi there. I managed to found an alternative way to reach a web interface that allow me to upgrade firmware and access SSH. Roadmap was: Revert AP firmware to V2.0.1(First release) trough WLC controller. Remove AP from WLC, Reset to default. After that is possible to logon to default web console, enable SSHD....
image image There is some bin already built that I can try to use on one of these boxes? I´m more a Electronic´s and Infrastructure than a DEV guy, so any help that is not related to compile new builds are appreciated.

Just as curiosity!

Commands available

I am interested in the output of fw_printenv

you should open a new thread and link it here....

Ok will open soon... Seems to be 115200.



I’ve built the image but I can’t run it because there’s no valid init

in some cases you may need a OEM router to do the initial downgrading of the original firmware that is discussed in the other post in order to access SSH. It is also possible to pass the openwrt image through the router that manages it.

I do not have the device, so I cannot say for sure what you need to do
I can only compare this device to Watchguard devices so much, but they are not the same software obviously, so their exact directions are likely not the way to flash

you may want to try serial console with the UART pins

Wait, I didn’t explain myself well. I can run it through TFTP but I cannot flash the image (it doesn’t get written)

and just to be clear we are talking about AP3805i right?

post log?

have you been following the procedure from the current pull request?


The forum breaks the link, but it’s one of the last comments there


Is the initramfs log from an untouched system or from the already flashed one?
Did you flash from web-gui or from cli?

you are compiling your own image?

to me it looks like you have compiled the kernel alone without the package feeds being downloaded first, simply missing a step in the process

reading helps you understand but I should mention that all you need to do to update package feeds is

make package/symlinks clean

I think it’s an already flashed one but I’ll post later a pristine OEM bootlog