Adding OpenWrt support for Elecom WRC-X3200GST3

Elecom WRC-X3200GST3
Actually sold in Japan, can be found for less than $100
Looks like the same as the already supported elecom_wrc-2533gent + WIFI AX Support.

Current Firmware is based on Openwrt 17.01:

wikidevi confirms : MediaTek MT7622/MT7531
According to the files in the firmware, the wifi is based on MT7622/MT7915

The AC version (WRC-2533gent) has 4Gb Flash and 512Mb RAM, if it's the same for this device then i think it's a good challenger for the Linksys/Belkin RT3200.


looks like someone is trying...too bad he doesn't post here :sob:

It would be, if it was cheaper, the RT3200 can usually be found for around $70, new.

Seems like a capable device though.

i watched the bootlog, looks like the storage is not 4Gb like its brother, but 128Mb, if i'm not wrong. :sob: