Adding OpenWrt support for Cudy LT400

@yogo1212 Your PR is waiting for an unlocked image?
That's my state as well.

Have you had any success reaching out to them?
My dialog died of.

And how did you gain access to the system?

@aiyion It turned out there are two versions of the LT500 that are not binary-compatible.

v1: MT7628+MT7612E   micro-SIM
v2: MT7628+MT7613B   nano-SIM

The board I have here is v1. The dmesg output was accessible through the UI.

The unlocked image I have is for v2 and Cudy is hesitant to procure one for the v1 ("pls use v2 version hardware") - I take that as an "rather not use that".
Currently waiting for a v2 board.

So far, Cudy has been very helpful for me (much more so than TP-Link or Compex, who I've previously worked with).

If you want, I can ask for an image for the LT400. Do you have the USB or no-USB variant?

They appeared helpful at first, but did not answer anymore after they forwarded my offer to their R&D.
But yeah, if you could get that moving again, it would be highly appreciated.

I've got the variant without USB.

Took me a while to find it.
Not sure, whether it currently applies, it's 1814 commits behind master (late february this year).

I did a backport for 21.02 as well, but as I'm still waiting for cudy to provide the image, that won't be needed any longer...

I'd really appreciate it, if you could get that image for us.
Any updates on that?

Once I've got that I'd gladly rebase this to master again and do a backport for 22.03 if necessary.
Have a nice sunday!

Nice, thank you!

Sorry for being so slow.

I've sent the request :slight_smile:

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@yogo1212 You did not receive any answer either, I suppose?

I'll get a Wavlink router tomorrow, maybe I'll get that hacked, open and done faster...
I really would've liked to do a freifunk demo on cudys router but if others cannot flash OpenWrt on the device it's worthless.

@aiyion hi - sorry for the late reply!

i heard back but they asked me to contact sales.
now sales isn't responding :expressionless:

odd. initially, they were very cooperative.
now, they've even removed the openwrt image they previously offered on their website.
that's despite the WR2100 still being marketed as an 'openwrt' device.
feels a bit... scummy.