Adding OpenWrt support for Asus RT-AC5300

Hey all:

I have an Asus RT-AC5300, on which I used DD-WRT. However, after messing with OpenWRT in a Virtual Machine, I'd like to use OpenWRT (and perhaps OpenWisp) on my main router. However, it seems as if the Asus RT-AC5300 isn't supported. How would I go about porting OpenWRT for the AC5300? I've compiled the firmware for the same chipset and all, but is there anything else I have to do to make this work and not brick my router?


Probably by looking into the bcm53xx target, at least the wireless should be covered by brcmfmac.

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So is it supported now?

GT-AC5300 is supported, same device ?
no wifi though.

Hello folks!
Just got my hands on an Asus RT-AC5300 today. (earned it :D)

Is there something I can help with trying to run OpenWRT on it?
I managed to install DD-WRT and it works fine. All radios detected (tri-band).

Did you find any solutions for AC5300?

@fearz - welcome to the community!

You also posted there.

Since the 2 topics are otherwise unrelated, can you explain exactly what solution(s) you're seeking for the device?

Hey, thanks for your reply.

I’ve been reading many posts regarding the AC5300 wifi not supported, but as well some ive read but with complications that successfully made wifi fully functional.

Im currently using merlin firmware and looking forward to use openwrt on the RT-AC5300.

What are the limitations? Or successful/ confirmed installations?

Feel free to create a new thread for your inquiry.

This method will be less confusing than asking an unrelated question in mutiple threads.