Adding new spi-nand device support (Belkin RT3200 and Linksys E8450)

I added, LuCI, Luci-Adblock, Luci-sqm, iperf3 and htop. And removed USB-stuff completely.

You can use the imagebuilder if you want.

make image PROFILE="linksys_e8450-ubi" PACKAGES="luci luci-app-sqm"
will give you an image with luci and luci-app-sqm. You can easily extend the command to add extra packages.

Do you know specific router models where the internal antennas are good? I am also hoping that @slh can share that information too, based on my request above. It would be nice to perhaps collect such information and share it in a wiki.

These are old models, but the Netgear R6250 and Netgear R6300 had very good internal antennas back in the day. The D-Link series that included the D-Link DIR-868L also had good internal antennas. What are you collecting the data for?

Thanks. No specific goal - trying to learn something new, everyday!

Most real professional access points like Cisco MR33, Netgear WAC510 or Ubiquiti UAP AC PRO.

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May I have the procedure to go back to the vendor's firmware after flashing to UBI? Thanks :bowing_man:

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Seems there is a backup held and you can restore in recovery as described in this README (warning section)

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The Linksys/Belkin firmware IMHO is really terrible. Even basic functions like the Guest Network do not conform to norms (the Linksys guest network directs you to a web page instead of connecting automatically to a guest network with SSID/password). I would agree that the OpenWRT firmware is in the early days for these routers, but it is really quite good already and will only get better. Just curious why you want to go back?

The Wi-Fi client always disconnects, see if it is a firmware problem or a hardware problem. If there is a hardware problem, need to restore back before taking it to the repair center.

all clients or just a specific one? Which wifi mode are you using?

hello i have flashed the first time belkin rt3200 via openwrt and now is bricked

the only solution is 3 X two second reboot for backup to original version firmware but after he don't possible to flash to openwrt

how make please

thanks !

in my adaptator ethernet active disconnect active dsiconnect ...

i have done so

i have power off keep put reset and start :wink:

how to has 5.10.26 to has sqm because i have a v0.3 but not kernel his 5.10.20

can you explain this please

This will replace the bootloader (TF-A 2.2, U-Boot 2020.10) and convert the flash layout of the device to UBI! The installer stores a copy of the previous bootchain in a dedicated UBI volume boot_backup . If you want to go back to the vendor firmware, you will have to boot into recovery mode (ie. initramfs), copy those files into /tmp , umount the UBI volume, detach the UBI device and then write the files to the corresponding MTD partitions (mtd write $file /dev/mtdX).


I don't really understand that part (what did you flash 3x? And using which method?), but assume you followed the procedure shown in the installer video using the v0.3 *installer.itb file, right?
In that case, ending up with a reboot loop is very strange, but could be due to bad blocks on the flash not handled properly (it's not uncommon for SPI-NAND to come with bad block even when they are now). If you can it'd be great if you can connect the internal 3.3V TTL level serial port (115200 baud, 8N1; use FTDI FT232L or similar 3.3V serial adapter) and show me what's going on there.

In case this is not an option for you, PM me and we shall work out another way.

This describes the procedure to return to factory bootchain, but for that you also first need to get OpenWrt (or at least U-Boot with UBI support) booted.

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resolve by sumo

thanks again for your help

Just coming back to Openwrt after a while away and just flashed a Belkin RT3200 with your firmware (used the build from the release on dangowrt/linksys-e8450-openwrt-installer) and it went VERY smooth no issue cutting over to OpenWrt so far.

Some questions, Is it normal that when connected to WAN via DHCP that the interface shows as red above the wan interface? Even though it works and has IP etc.

Saw under the wifi that the interfaces for 802.11 is detected as MT7915E but it shows as 802.11acn does that mean it's not actually able to use the AX features yet or just a display issue?

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The colors of the interfaces in LuCI Web UI represent the different firewall zones. The color corresponds to name of the firewall zone where 'wan' is red and 'lan' is green (and other zone names will result in other colors).

AX support is ready on driver level, however, hostapd, configuration and web-interface are still being adapted and the necessary changes have not yet been merged, see this series:

Thanks I forgot about the colors it’s been a while lol head jumped to red=disconnected lol.

Looks like decent progress on the hostapd I’ll keep an eye on it and hope it gets rolled in.

Are there any test builds available with AX support?

Got 802.11ax working in Linksys E8450 Apparently it’s possible to enable it, just lacking the visibility in UI.

good evening everybody

this is my new test with linksys E8450 (rt3200) and is a good news without SQM

and now with SQM


What CPU load are you seeing ?