Adding new device support - Phase (3): Environment preparation


This is phase (3) for the series for how to add new device support to Openwrt. there is already a good link to prepare the environment here and here, but I think they lacks the explanation of about how to choose a specific toolchain and why Buildroot system is used.

Here is my view on Environment preparation:

  • Know the important terminologies (e.g. Toolchain definition, why toolchain is used, naming conventions, abbreviations, etc.)
  • Explanation of each item you will use in your environment and why
  • Available libraries and which one to choose, and why
  • Toolchain Options
  • Obtaining a Toolchain
  • Getting and configuring pre-compiled toolchain (in which situations and why)
  • How build a custom cross-compilation toolchain (in which situations and why)

any comments are welcome and appreciated, please share your experience.

Thank you in advance.