Adding MT7628DAN SoC Board to OpenWrt Hardware Support List

Thanks, @frollic. How do I initiate the procedure of enlisting the customized OpenWRT product to ToH?

by rereading the old posts, and realizing it's not going to happen.

Sorry, I missed your point here. @RadioOperator told me my customized OpenWRT device would be listed on the ToH when the product reached 1,000 units. From posts so far, I understand that OpenWRT won't connect to vendors to add their products to its ToH list even if vendors meet the set requirement above. So, the manufacturers must take the initiative and communicate to OpenWRT to put their products on the ToH list. However, I am stuck on getting an answer to the question about how to contact OpenWRT and request that the product be listed on its ToH list.

Hi, @mango, qty.1000 units in my post means many many routers already sold out in the market, not exactly mini requirement for ToH.

Then a router supported by openwrt is driven by factory or many users here, many models of router already could run openwrt OK, but not listed in ToH, should be many reasons I donot know.

It won't.

Why would they, Openwrt aren't interested in 3rd party spin off firmwares.

No, they need to get vanilla openwrt running on their devices.

No need, simply fulfill the above.