Adding modules to the kernel

So I'm trying to add one of the staging drivers, I'm trying to load FBTFT in the kernel. I'm using this fork

So far things I have done:

make menuconfig

and selected the required options

I also configured the kernel to load the staging drivers

make kernel_menuconfig

Device drivers -> Graphics support -> Frame buffer Devices

<*> Support for frame buffer devices

Device drivers -> Staging drivers

<*> Support for small TFT LCD display modules
    <M> FB driver for the ST7735R LCD Controller
    <M> Generic FB driver for TFT LCD displays
    <M> Module to for adding FBTFT devices

Then I compile

make -j5 V=s

This is the output of the make process output.txt

I flash my device with the bin generated.

sysupgrade -n lede-ramips-mt7688-omega2p-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

But when is time to use the module, it doesn't work, I've tried all of this:

insmod fb_defio
insmod fb
insmod fbtft

modeprobe fbtft


and nothing works, I don't think the module is correctly configured, I cannot find it anywhere.
Am I missing something? Sorry I'm new with LEDE and Linux Kernel compilation

The M configuration option makes a module into a kmod package that must be installed later (find it in the bin/packages directory). Since you want the module all the time in the initial flash, you should select * so it gets packed up into the rootfs.

Thanks @mk24, I changed them to <*>, however I can't still see the module, but I can find at least one driver when I perform a find

root@Omega-:/# find . -name fb\*

And if I do this

root@Omega-:~# insmod fbtft_device
Failed to find fbtft_device. Maybe it is a built in module ?

(fbtft_device = "Module to for adding FBTFT devices" kernel config option)

If I do lsmod, it doesn't show the module either

Hi Utiq,
I am also now starting to try to get FBTFT working on the Onion module, so I wondered if you ever got passed you problems last year, or did you give up?