Adding EA8100 V2 offering to help

Hello devs,

I ended up getting an EA8100 V2 (no option to choose the version).
There is very little info on V2, but what I found was that hardware seems to be the same as V1.
Since v1 is supported, v2 has a snapshot for it and v2 is pretty much the only one still available, it would be nice to get v2 in one of the next builds.
Since I have it, I would like to help as much as I can. To preserve the warranty, I don’t want to solder any serial header to it, but if telnet or ssh work, I can try a bunch of things if anyone needs any info from it.
I am familiar with Linux, but not an expert, in case anyone assigns some expert task to me.

Is there anything I can help with?
Thank you.

seems v2 support was added mid last year;a=commit;h=0c721434ea56044cdc1c13554c970b82471bc43e

Thank you very much, frollic.
The ToH still shows it as snapshot and there is no build for it in the repository.
From the link you provided, I think you are suggesting to download and build it, right?

Thank you.

use the git link for info on how to flash.

Hi, I too got the V2 as there was no option to select.
were you able to build it. if so can you help me with it ?

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The firmware is already built as a snapshot. Use the "Firmware OpenWrt Snapshot Install" link on the page that @frollic linked.

Since it is snapshot firmware, there will be no web interface at first, you'll need to ssh to access the router and install LuCI.

Note that if you flash this, and it reboots back to stock firmware, you need to flip the alternate boot system from B to A as described in the git commit. To do that, download a stock firmware from the Linksys site and flash it, then flash OpenWrt again.

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Thanks so much for the quick response. I flashed the snapshot and also installed Luci successfully after doing some googling.

I was just wondering what is the disadvantage of having snapshot version.

Snapshot = beta, and the package repository is refreshed every night, you won't be able to install any kmods after <24 hrs.

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Ah thanks it was good read.

Guys, I dont know if this is right place to ask, but please see the picture attached:

The overlay size available on my router is 24.30 MB. However in the specification of the router the flash size is 128MB. where did the rest of the space go ? Am I doing something wrong?

As mentioned by @mk24 I have installed the Snapshot : "OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r19508-0d2d52df69" .

Any chance that the v1 firmware will work just fine on v2?


I did not and would not try it.
If it had worked, v1 and v2 would then have the same firmware, but v2 only has a snapshot available. If you want it now, you need to use the v2 snapshot or you can wait for the full release that supports v2.
I think the difference is in the way it is partitioned.

Oh believe me, I have no intentions of trying to brick my device, thus why I asked. I considered the fact of there being different version firmwares, but also considered that the possibility that the devices are close enough that the same firmware would work but no one has had both and learned enough to make that determination. In case that sounds confusing, could be that the v1 firmware is 100% compatible for v2, but no one has been able to study it enough to realize it. Very unlikely, but still a possibility until someone confirms that there's a hardware reason that it wouldn't work. Again though, I'm not gonna test it myself. lol

Good call and that is why I didn’t try it either.
From what I gathered, hardware is exactly the same, but there are differences in the layout of the flash and the backup partitions.
Maybe it can be turned into a v1, but it’s risky.
I would suspect that devs would have said so if v1 firmware worked ootb so to speak.
It’s a nice router and I hope it will make it into the full build, but until then, snapshot it is.