Adding Device Support TP-Link WR941HP

i had a WR941HP v2 useless, now I have found this.
Mine is UN, so i have to use the second file you gave us @FabianoTSS
Im telling my story because it can help someone.
I first tried to upgrade from stock TL-WR941HP(UN)_V2_191125 without reseting to defaults to
and it didnt work, so i had to reinstall stock firmware via TFTP.
So next, when i was at TL-WR941HP(UN)_V2_191125 again, I installed older version of stock firmware TL-WR941HP(UN)_V2_170603, and then i did a reset to defaults.
Finally i could use this file:
And for now the firmware is working great (its been a few hours only).
I did not aplied any update yet. is it necesary?
Really apreciate Fabiano, stock firmware is shit.

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Thank you for testing the firmware, I didn't get that problem yet, I'm sure it'll be useful for someone else and you don't need any update for now. Could you try again update from stock TL-WR941HP(UN)_V2_191125, but, reset it first, and post what have happened?

Congratulations on the work Fabiano!
I installed it on the TL-WR941HP-V2(BR), the installation was the first time and without errors. Let's test it now.
Is it possible to change the web configuration access port? From 80 to 8080 for example?

Access your router by scp, go to /etc/config and edit the file uhttpd, find the line with the port and change it and reboot your router

Before you responded, I managed to install the luci-app-uhttpd package, and made the change with it. But I'll also test your way. Thank you very much.

I'm having a problem with the wifi power, even though I set it to Maximum transmit power: 30 dBm (1000 mW), it remains Current power: 12 dBm

Editing: Change the country to USA, and it was 28dBm!