Adding custom files to my image w/o image builder

Hi everyone,

I'd like to add my custom files to my Openwrt image without using Image builder. Does anyone know how I can do that? In other words, how I can add my custom files to my image either using menuconfig or somehow include them when I use make ?

Thank you so much @tmomas.

Do you know how I can add custom ipk package files to the image as well? my packages are actually ash script (.sh) files. so do you know how I can have them as ipk files and can update them with opkg tool?

You’d have to craft a package Makefile for them, build them with the SDK or full build system, copy all the resulting assets and indexes to a web server for access.

Much easier for a few devices just to scp the scripts to the devices.

Note: Upgrading packages is generally a bad idea. Many threads on the reasons why available through search.

Thank you @jeff. Could you pls explain what you mean by "Note: Upgrading packages is generally a bad idea. Many threads on the reasons why available through search."

Flash a new ROM and all new packages at the same time. Don’t try to upgrade just packages, certainly not in bulk.

Many threads on the forum already discuss this.

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Is there any good instruction/Do you know how I can build and install my script as a service? I looked into this

but couldn't really understand it.

Running a script as a service is somewhat strange, as typically services are long-running processes and scripts are generally not.

Would you explain better what you are trying to do?

well, my scripts are all running in background and started in rc.local. I'd like to be able to start/stop them by init.d.

some are creating mesh network and some frequenlty send some logs to server

Take a look at the existing init.d scripts for hints.

procd is very, very poorly documented. Some potentially useful (unchecked by me for correctness) references include was once useful, but appears to have been removed.

I found a version archived at

I had linked that off some page on the wiki, but it may have been overwritten, or maybe it's just that wiki search sucks.

The wiki search is a s good a s your search query :wink: scnr (admittedly, sometimes it sucks)[]=prplfoundation

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Yes, once you have found the reference, crafting a successful search term is easy.

The following "reasonable" searches were not helpful""""+procd

Edit: As it turns out, the link I added was subsequently removed.

Ooops, seems I misunderstood your posting. I apologise for that.
Out of curiousity: How did you find that link deep down in the page revisions?

Checked every page that seemed related to procd, then looked at history

I second @jeff's sentiment that PROCD doesn't have great documentation available, so whatever bits can be preserved in the wiki should be preserved.