Adding custom files to LEDE image - ERRORS

During the build of my image, I want to add my files like:

  • etc/config/wireless
  • etc/config/network etc, ....
    to my image directory, I have created a folder named files/etc/config/... then I used the command: make V=99 FILES=files/ to create the image file.

But I had an annoying error: ERROR: module 'files/' is missing., then the compiling process halted.

Please can anyone help me solve this problem.

Thank you in advance.


You don't need to pass FILES=files/ to make in the buildroot, the files/ directory is used by default if it exists. You only need to specify make ... FILES=files/ when using the ImageBuilder.

You mean I just need to enter the command: make V=99 without having to specify FILES=files/

But all the contents I have in files will be copied to my image?


Exactly. That's what I meant

Thank you for your help, I'll try to compile now.


Thank you Jow, it is working nicely.

Have a good day.


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