Adding community-packages to router GL.iNet GL-MT3000

I want to install community-packages on my router GL.iNet GL-MT3000.
To be precise I'm talking about package netbird.

My understanding is that this package is available in relevant repository.

Can you please advise how to add the required repository in order to install this package?


opkg update
opkg install netbird


The package does not exist.
This means I need another repository to install community-packages.

Never used these... found this suggesting you need to add the repo to opkg's conf or build yourself. No instruction do to the former though:

Just tried installing it on a snapshot made yesterday and I can install the package. Maybe it is not in stable yet?

After adding this repo
src/gz community-packages
to /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf the package can be installed using opkg install netbird.

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