Adding Actiontec R1000H (V1000H, Q1000) (brcm63xx)

This is one of the many routers provided by service providers that are based on BCM96368 (brcm63xx). I've got LEDE runing on it, and I'd liked to help add support for the device into the sources. The last device of this type added was the EVG2000. I've created a kernel patch, DTS file and added the definition to image/ It suffers from the same problems these devices have of not recognising the BCM53115 switch but the lan ports work as a hub. I've used the opensource provided by Actiontec to map the hardware as much as I am able to. So I have the LEDs, UARTs, and GPIOs working. I need help on getting the switch recognised.

The next step is to get the base device into LEDE and then I was going to add the device to the Table of Hardware.

The device uses a parallel flash device: name AM29LV320MT. This along with the CFE splits the flash into two equal 16MB parts. The problem is getting the image on the device through the CFE means it can be either in the first or second partition. Without serial access it is hard to tell where the image will end up. I've written the DTS to respect the second partition of the device and assume it is on the first partition. I'm interested in hearing whether this seems worthwhile. I use it as I test LEDE/My Buildroot/Original Factory, but really would anyone else? Should we assume that LEDE devices will be dedicated to them and them alone? I rewrote the code that partitions (bcm63xxpart) a couple of times and I had it at one time even figure out where it was booting from and rename partitions based on that. I tore it out because after thinking about it I figured it was a lot of work for a very small set of usages.

Just came across your note. Wish I'd seen it earlier this year.
Serial console:
(worked fine for my Q1000)

I've built a few additional kernel modules for iptables to have additional traffic recognition which worked well, but getting substantially better queue management tools would be a big improvement.