Adding a new platform: renesas rz


I've been an happy OpenWRT user for many years now, always buying routers that could allow me to run it easily.

I've been working (actually only in my free time as an hobby) on porting OpenWRT onto this Renesas board, that features this Arm Cortex-A55 based device.

I guess this is a new platform, since it does not really fit in any of the already supported ones.

I got it working and I am polishing the patch before submitting it.
The support of this device is already mainlined in the Linux kernel, so I am using 6.1 as is with the appropriate config.
Arm Trusted Firmware and u-boot are instead taken from the respective Renesas forks, available on github.

However this is the first time I do that, and I am still reading and learning, so I would like to get opinions, hints, why not constructive critics and hopefully encouragement.

For example naming (renesas? renesas-rz? rz?) and structure of the subfolders. There are other variants I would like to add: RZ/G2LC, RZ/G2UL and maybe others.


Hostname OpenWrt
Model Renesas SMARC EVK based on r9a07g044l2
Architecture ARMv8 Processor rev 0
Target Platform rz/g2l
Firmware Version OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r24187-bb8fd41f9a / LuCI Master git-23.294.26440-30a8a0d
Kernel Version 6.1.59
Local Time 2023-10-29 07:44:17
Uptime 0h 9m 11s
Load Average 0.13, 0.08, 0.05

Kudos to you for undertaking this. AFAIK, only a few core devs frequent/reply on the forums tho.

If you're on OpenWrt mailing list, maybe send patches there and solicit feedback?

If not, maybe send a PR to and get more exposure to your questions that way.


Alright, thanks for the suggestion. I'll do that.