Adding a new device, need help for network definition (Kimax U-35WF, ramips based NAS)

something is wrong with that, you should do

uci show network

to be able to see what is happening. may be your copy-paste failed with "@" are you using putty? may be the console does not like the "@" for some reason.

if you will use just this device it is easier to edit config file (the changes that I described it should be enough to get it working), but push this documentation on github to enable others to configure and make a proper target/config for the new device. I honestly don't know how to do it.

You may find other resources on the OpenWrt thread here

this too:
in that repo you have the build files already modified It should be easy to replace on top your Lede ones.

seems to be a very nice box!

Thank you. With this topic everything started ... Factory firmware did not suit, and what others did was not happy with a set of components.

With the firmware from ARVATI I started. And there is the same problem with connecting to the network, although it is going. I have all the firmwares going, but there is no network. Maybe not there looking? Do I need to add the config files myself? Along the way build_dir\files\etc\config\network and etc?

The commands that I give you failed. But are ok. You need to try again. Maybe you should use id instead of @
Have you tried

uci show network
uci show network -X

Post the output to see the ID's, -X flag causes to show the internal ID's

you could try using ID of network.@switch_vlan[0] as translates to something like network.cfg0a1ec7 but to see it you need to use uci show network if presents with @ then you should try to write char-by-char instead of copy-paste it. may be is your terminal program that fails while pasting text (putty, minicom, etc).

You should get working your current working enviroment first, if it does not work then you could try again to modify the image when building it using the working settings.

Hi guys! Everything was decided as no one had expected. So, what have I done. Put a new clean Linux Mint 18.2. Made everything necessary for the assembly of the firmware, firstly making changes to the files. The assembly went without errors, but, after downloading to the device, the network did not work. Installed Debian. Did all the same changes to the files and input of all the commands (I wrote down). Everything was assembled, loaded into the device and earned! Conclusion: not all systems correctly compile the image, even though they do not give out errors. I think we should put this on the Wiki.I can not do this, please, to the administrators, to bring this information about Linux Mint.
P.S. as I complete the work on the main project, I will definitely continue to collect full firmware on the device. Thank you all for your help.

It is an old image, but take a look at my work here:

Try this modified file:

Could you make a link available for downloading the correct breed uboot for this device? And explain how it works? I would like improve my work and it seems that a tool like that would be very nice to use than my soldored TTL cable when something goes wrong.

FYI - Support for U35WF has been added with;a=commit;h=16d6a63f857a4e9eeb1f173e964264d8a06e65eb

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