Adding a Dependency to a Package?

I am updating my local feed repo for snort and need to add luajit as a dependency to the package.

In the feeds/packages/net/snort/Makefile, I updated the PKG_VERSION and PKG_HASH to the correct sha256sum for the package.

When I change:

DEPENDS:=+libdaq +libdnet +libnghttp2 +libopenssl +libpcap +libpcre +libpthread +libuuid +zlib +SNORT_LZMA:liblzma


 DEPENDS:=+libdaq +libdnet +libnghttp2 +libopenssl +libpcap +libpcre +libpthread +libuuid +luajit +zlib +SNORT_LZMA:liblzma

Snort disappears as selectable from Network / Firewall

Since luajit is the package name, what am I doing wrong? I need to have LuaJIT and from everything I've read in the docs, it should add it automatically with the +luajit.

I appreciate any help that I can get!

Well, it seems luajit was removed. Does anyone know if it was replaced outright by lua in Languages | Lua?

EDIT: Well, it wasn't removed, just missing. The Deps for luajit didn't recognize mips64 for some reason.. sigh

LuaJIT is not available on all platforms, not sure if it supports MIPS or MIPS64 at all.

It shows as available for mips and mipsel, but shows a cross-compile for 32-bit systems with a gcc -m32 flag. Indeed, the feed Makefile actually does a check for HOST_ARCH being a 64-bit system in order to assign the -m32

ifeq ($(HOST_ARCH),x86_64)
  ifeq ($(CONFIG_x86_64),)
    HOST_BITS := -m32

I'm almost sure I had it compile prior to the last git fetch, but I'll probably need to dig back thru the patches in the feeds to see if anything changed.

Thanks for the help @jow


I got it to compile after REMOVING the HOST_BITS := -m32 from the build.

My build machine's uname -a
Linux norwits 5.0.0-17-generic #18-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jun 4 15:34:08 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

It is a 64bit machine. The built target is a 64bit machine (mips64). However, the check was trying to build it in 32bit mode.