Added a script before doing firmware upgrade or sysupgrade

Good day! I've added a script that will be triggered before doing sysupgrade and firmware upgrade. My script execution time is around 11 to 12 seconds. The script will compare the default config and user config then get the difference. The more difference found the longer the execution time. I tried doing firmware upgrade, I've upload the image and it verifying the image then after that the script will be triggered. My script works fine but after there is an error "Request Timeout" and there is no continue button will appear to flash the new image. I think the execution time of my script is so long that is why an error appear. Is there any method or an solution to my problem?

Your reply is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

Some script fails...
Hard to say why, without any visibility to your script, and to how you have hooked it to sysupgrade.

(The error might be something related to running headless, without console)

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