Add VPN to hide/change actual location on all connected devices

Hi Guys,
I am looking a solution to hide me hide/change my location using openwrt and it should be work with prime video and netflix. there content should be accordingly. I am openwrt beginner with linksys e8450.

Thanks in advanced.

Solution is a VPN provider or a VPS.
Look for a VPN promising access to those two, smartDNS might be a 3rd option.

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Dear @frollic,
Could you please share an article so that I can process the same.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have had some experience with VPNs that promise access to other Netflix regions. It worked for a while, but Netflix is pretty good at breaking that. What ends up happening is when Netflix detects you are using a VPN address, you get set to your billing region. So it's a merry war between the VPN providers trying to get IPs that Netflix doesn't have in their VPN blacklist, and Netflix.

I tried a few different VPNs and was always the same. It would work about 60% of the time, but was unreliable enough that it wasn't worth the hassle.

EDIT: Of course, that's just my experience. YMMV. If you are determined enough, you might find one that works well.

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Okay no worries, @VA1DER / @frollic Just I want to hide my original location. every connected device should be hide without using any client app.

is it possible?


Sure, if you install it in your network, all (or some, your choice) devices will go through the tunnel, if i's a VPN.

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Kindly advice a free and fast VPN suitable for me.
Thanks. :star_struck:

3 dimensions:

  • cost
  • speed
  • privacy

You can only optimize for 1, maybe 2 if you aren’t picky.

Google is your friend.

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there's no such thing as a free lunch, if you want it for free, you can stop searching.

plus what psherman said, use google.

okay, is hide my location is possible without VPN?

Not really, unless you've got friends in the country you want to pretend to be surfing from.

Check out Tor as an alternative, or Hola,
But since they're free, I'd assume the performance will be terrible.

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Thanks @frollic to share your ideas and for given time to me,
Could you please suggest me a better cheapest VPN according to my need.

it's already been stated, twice, google is your friend.

I also said, look into smartdnsproxy, too, they have a 2 week free trial, so it's pretty risk free.

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