Add ToH Brand: SNR

Hi! I would like to add SNR router on wiki page. Could you add it to the list of brands?

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Provided your SNR branded router model is supported by OpenWrt, you are welcome to create the Device Page/Tech Data wiki entries.

Entries in the ToH are predicated upon a simple caveat, being Table of Hardware lists only devices that are supported by OpenWrt.

Of course, model is supported already. It's about CPE-W4N-MT model of SNR brand.

Note, 8mb flash devices will be EOL after next stable release of openwrt.

So? It’s your commit.

Ok. I don't figure out. You added brand or no? It out of list...

Done, brand SNR added just now.

To do so, the brand SNR needs to be added to the selection dropdowns. That is what he was asking for.

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Understood. :persevere:

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