Add the oem firmware to the wavlink wn570ha1 in dataentry

I have the latest version of the OEM firmware for the router, please add it to the dataentry of this router.

Sorry, the dataentry is not the place to store OEM firmware out of dubious non-OEM download sources.

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If you have a source directly from the OEM's website, then that would be a good thing to add.

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Wavlink sendme via email the firmware

Ask them to make a direct link at the Wavlink site, then.

Ohh men Why would I alter the photo more than to protect my privacy?

Good question:

  • As of this post, you joined the forum just 8 hours ago
  • You've looked at very little content here
  • This was your first thread (BTW, welcome to the community!); and you want to submit a file!?!?
  • The Wavelink website provides instructions contrary to your statement; and your email proves they're willing to assist their customers according to that policy

...from liability to uncertainty of OpenWrt mods taking a file of unknown origin - and adding it as a link to their site, it's quite dangerous, no offence intended.