Add support Mercusys mr70x v2 and Tp-link ax53/55

Qualcomm IPQ0509 (0518)
SoC IPQ0518 (this is a special version of the IPQ5018 chip)
also such a processor in the ax72 model
Qualcomm QCN6102
REALTEK RTL8367S 2) 3) 4)
all these models are on this board

As you possess the hardware and would be doing [most of] the work, can you provide more information?

  • Serial output?
  • What does each link entail?
  • Are you going to provide any details, information, etc.?
  • What have you done thus far?

links to models and source code gpl
sorts that are similar in characteristics

As you should have read in Add support for TP-LINK AX55 V1 - #2 by slh, there's no SOC support for this target in OpenWrt, so it would be up to you to start from (almost) zero.

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See response from a developer:

Adding OpenWrt support for TP-Link RE700X, IPQ5018 - For Developers - OpenWrt Forum

IPQ5018 support linux kernel
[PATCH V3 0/9] Add minimal boot support for IPQ5018 (

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You are missing the definition of 'minimal', you will need a lot more than 'minimal' to access the flash, enable ethernet/ switch and wireless subsystems. Nor will a patch proposed last week magically make it into v5.15, no one says that it's impossible - but it needs serious development on your side.

Well, I understand that the patch just came out.
but it will help the development?

'Help', yes - but not more than a drop in the ocean.