Add support for Xiaomi AX1800 Wifi 6 router

@GilDev You can download firmware here :

During the re-installation of firmware 1.0.378 I unchecked the automatic update option and for now it remains in this version.

When I came back from vacation and the router had made its update automatically, I immediately had problems with the Iphone of the house : loss of wifi calls and especially battery drains.
Since the re-installation of the firmware yesterday, problems with battery have disappeared.
This may sound very strange, but it is so.

AX1800 exists today in two forms: black@tower and white@classic. They did it most probably on purpose.
So one fair question: Does the firmware under fit both?

(I don't think so. I have both devices, just opened the box of the white (standby) one. What I already see from its setup wizard is that it has an international firmware, so MUST differ from the black one. I assume as soon as I'll finish setup it will upgrade itself to the latest FW right away. I'm afraid after downgrading I'll most probably end up with one working and one bricked device...)

EDIT: google images returns the black model for "xiaomi rm1800". But I'm still not 100% sure.

Is there a serial connector on the AX1800 like the one on the AX3600, I would like to know it to avoid breaking the case for nothing.
Does anyone have started to adapt openwrt for AX1800 ?

No, you have to install it yourself.

Greetings friends.

I have a big problem and if anyone has the solution, it would save me from throwing this router in the garbage.

I live in Europe and I did change the region to EU, but the problem is that I want to use my AX1800 in repeater mode and I can't connect to my internet box in wifi 6 or even in wifi 5.

The problem is that I can create a wifi network with the European channels but I can't connect to my box in wifi 5 or 6. I can only connect in wifi 2.4 because it does not see the frequencies of wifi 5 or 6 of Europe.

Is there a solution to activate Europe also for the correction to the box internet in Wifi 5 or 6 with the frequencies Europe please?

Thanks in advance.

Again, I have set the AX1800 in EU with the guide that allows me to create wifi points in Europe frequencies, but I can not repeat the wifi with Europe frequencies except with the wifi 2.4 which is very slow in comparison.

Thank you very much for helping me.


I use my AX1800 as wifi access point but when I dig on its Ip I get an answer:

dig +short @

For me it’s a mystery. I didn’t know that the access points served as a DNS server.

When dnsmasq is running, it'll respond to dns queries

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Does anyone have a solution to my problem, please?

To resume, I tried to increase the range of my main router with a AX1800 router, the problem is that despite the change of region in EU which allows to create a HotSpot with EU channels, it was not possible to repeat an existing wifi signal that is in EU channel, ie to increase the range of my main wifi router that is in EU channel.

If someone can help me with a solution for example by changing a parameter in the files from an SSH access it's fine with me or even another solution that would save me the AX1800.

Thank you for paying attention to my problem and helping me, because otherwise my AX1800 is useless and I will just throw it away.

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Has anyone had any luck getting this to run?

There is a Mi AX1800 config available in menuconfig.

Got it built but it panics out while booting.

So is the Redmi AX5 / Xiaomi mi AX1800(white), being considered to be added for support?

I have several of the Xiaomi mi ax1800(white). Would love to run the vanilla OpenWRT on them.

BTW I have them all runing as AP's ,wonderful! I've also tried it as a router, awesome!

ipq807x (e.g. ax3600, ax6, ax9000, etc.) support is somewhat 'in sight' now (no, neither complete, nor 100% stable, let alone enduser compatible), support for ipq60xx (ax1800) is not at all on that stage, yet (but conceivable for the future, RAM sizes of those devices will be tight, though).

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thank you slh!

If you want a device that might run OpenWrt (snapshots-) by ~christmas, go with the Xiaomi ax3600.

cool I'll see if I can get one. Thank you

I have the same issue, here. In the beginning, I saw the 5ghz frequency. After a reboot, its gone. In my case, I dont know if the issue is concerned to region, or if the 5ghz antenna broken. It was brand knew when this occurred.

Just measured the Power usage on idle with the Xiaomi Mi AX1800(white version).

Idle with wifi6 enabled. 5.1 Watts.

Very Cheap to run these units.



Does anyone care about ipq6018?


Although there is no offical support, but for people who have ax5 and want stock firmware's opkg works, you can replace opkg sources in /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf with following lines and run opkg update

src/gz openwrt_base
src/gz openwrt_packages
src/gz openwrt_routing
src/gz openwrt_luci

This will make your opkg can download and install some package
The arm_cortex-a7 arch is working because ax5's stock firmware is built with armv7(32bit)
I have tried to install nano and igmp proxy,and it don't show any error, but installing OpenWrt's official luci seems not working(I can open page but a lot of features is not working)

sorry for my poor english (I live in taiwan and usually use Chinese)


what are error messages for kernel panic?