Add support for Xiaomi AX1800 Wifi 6 router

no im sorry. I will have to buy a new one

Should I use 1.8w?

Yes. It's using 1.8v logic.


I bought a uart adapter. I used it with tera term. The device gives the following logs at startup.

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I have the AX1800 black tower. After turning it off, the blue light will no longer return. I did the whole process with the miwifi tool and was unsuccessful. I tried with the three available firmware. The recovery process occurs normally, with the blue light flashing, but when you restart the router the orange light returns. I left it on for over an hour with the orange light and it turned blue after that time, but when I restart it it comes back to orange. Is there anything that can be done?

You can try this method(but make sure partition addresses are correct) Add support for Xiaomi AX1800 Wifi 6 router - #410 by proxer05

Thank you for your fast reply. I will try this and returns

How to discover correct partition from my model?

In boot logs you should have partition table(I assume that you have uart adapter)

No man, i dont have this uart adapter =(

help Install openwrt Xiaomi Router AX1800 wifi 6 (AX5/RA67) .

Successfully restored bootloader via USB and Uart.

  1. download software from GL manual/install drivers (disable driver signature verification)
  2. connect usb to pc
  3. connect power
QSaharaServer.exe -p \\.\COM4 -s 13:xbl.elf -v 3
QsaharaServer.exe -p\ \.\COM4 -s 1:cdt.bin -s 34:devcfg.bin -s 5:uboot.bin -v 3

After that, it is possible to connect to TTL:

dhcp uboot.bin
nand write 0x44000000 0x800000 0x180000

I used the "dhcp" command because it is spelled shorter :slight_smile:

That should have been enough, but not in my case:
80%+ of the nand blocks were bad.

nand scrub 0x0 "last bad block address - for me 0x4840000" (this will **ERASE** the nand)

Next I had to take the basic MTD (mtd0-mtd17) from a healthy router.
repeat for every mtd:

dhcp mtdX.bin
nand write 0x44000000 "mtd address" "mtd size"

Finaly, i was able to reboot and upload the firmware (factory) via the web interface.