Add support for TP-LINK AX55 V1

glinet lays out its developments and tools . It seems to me that they should be enough to adapt the interface shell

I can create a flashable image from the latest redmi ax3000 image by changing the image type to tp-link factory and you can try. It would be fine to check serial consule output with this image.
ax55 have a quite good recovery solution:

  • hit reset button when plug the power cable and wait until led switch to orange.
  • connect to lan port and set static ip (e.g.
  • connect to with browser and you can flash back factory image
    If you want to try it, I'll share the image(s)

This is very good
i have ax53
if you create for it i can check

redmi has a slightly different model of the network module .
I think it needs to be edited before compilation

I have AX53v1 as master8 and I would like to try it too.

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