Add support for Teltonika router RUT500 and RUT900


I would like to add Hardware Support for Teltonika router Rut500 and RUT900. Both are based on OpenWRT.

The RUT500 is a ralink based router with 16 MB Flash, 32 MB RAM, a rt305x switch(?), rt2800 wlan chip, a Telit HE910 UMTS Modem (sometimes a Sierra Modem). The firmware is based on Attitude Adjustment, the fork point seems to be r31345.

The RUT900 is a ar71xx based router with 16MB flash, 128 MB RAM, a AR934X buildin switch and wlan, and a Huawei ME909u-521 LTE Modem. The firmware is based on Barrier Breaker the fork point seems to be r40569.

I have a buildable source tree for both router, from the first look the changes under target/ are small; about 25 (RUT500) and 39(RUT900) changed or added files.

What ist best way to attack this?


RUT500 is already supported:

Nice, I haven't seen that yet, I will give it a try.

Whats about the RUT900?

It does not work out of the box for RUT500. The RUT500 has an additional external watchdog, using a gpio to trig it. I added a shell script found in the Teltonika source tree that does that, otherwise it keeps rebooting after 4:40 uptime. Maybe the correct solution would be to add the gpio-watchdog driver instead.

The watchdog can be tamed with the om-watchdog package, I have created a pull-request with the needed changes to om-package and the rut5xx target.

If the kernel driver gpio-wdt works I personally see that as a better solution, using devicetree configuration instead of modifying a script that knows about all types of boards it supports. Just my 2 cents... But I have not found time to try that driver yet.

Is there any target using gpio-wdt? Looking into the source tree I found some with watchdogs but none of them are using gpio-wdt.

No I cannot find any users of gpio-wdt. Huawei_e970 has patches for old-gpio-wdt wich seems to based on mtx1-wdt, both platform only. gpio-wdt seems to be of (devicetree) only.

RUT900 snapshot support added with;a=commit;h=1f06144cdec1487122201faa9350825ed565d99c