Add support for Technicolor routers which already use OpenWrt

A number of ISPs have broadband packages that include a free Technicolor router. Supporting these routers could potentially benefit many users. Technicolor routers have firmware based on OpenWrt, so it's probably relatively easy to support these routers. I've raised a feature request here

In the link below, it mentions that

Technicolor was even listed as an OpenWRT "gold sponsor"

I assume OpenWrt could get some help from Technicolor with porting? I think Technicolor would also benefit from having their hardware supported by upstream.

I can help with testing DWA0120 and TG589 VAC v2

There're other OpenWrt users who also own Technicolor routers. e.g. Technicolor GPL Source Code Request and Technicolor DWA0120/TG589 VAC v2 OpenWrt support?

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The bugtracker is for bugs, not feature requests and even less requests for new device support.

To the best of my knowledge Technicolor likes to use Bradcom SOCs, which would mean no support for xDSL, FXS/ DECT and WLAN ever. Using an OpenWrt derived SDK (which typically use a heavily butchered up, old, kernel with proprietary drivers) does no imply kernel-/ driver availability - and even less support with real OpenWrt.

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I'll second the Broadcom statement, and add also that they're very hit and miss with providing GPL for devices produced specifically for ISPs.

They have no need or want to help you/us. They sell these devices by the truck load to huge businesses.