Add support for Redmi AX6 AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router

If it is supported, soon, I will buy it also.

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That kernel version (5.9) is LTS or not?

Nope, 5.10 is.

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I ordered one of this, hopefully it will arrive soon.

I went through the AX3600 thread and I have seen that someone managed to get into SSH of this type. Can someone actually confirm that?

Yes, I can confirm that it works.
Matter of fact, Oded Lazar's guide for gaining persistent access also worked out of the box. It's not surprising -- the MTD partition table is the same (and I'd bet the whole boot process is identical).

Great thanks! As I read the manual, I will need a firmware binary for the AX6. Where can I get that?

MOD: this is what I found so far for the AX6:

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Hello to everyone. There is root and SSH access via UART. Instructions on the for root
and for SSH
If it's somehow will help to make openwrt for this device faster.

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I translated the first one, and the short summary is that it seems on the AX6 the serial console is usable, bootloader can be accessed during the boot process, and permanent telnet, SSH and UART can be enabled via that.

Which is great :slight_smile:

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I can confirm, this tutorial is working great :slight_smile:

Just one thing: Besides changing the other router gateway, you also need to change the router IP to as well.

I'm running the latest AX6 firmware available atm: 1.0.18

Thanks! Just to clarify - as the IP settings are bit unclear:

  1. The "other" router's IP has to set to
  2. And the AX6 also has to be set to Or something else?
  3. And the two router has to be connected via LAN?
  4. And what is the IP of the PC and where does that connects?

This is also a bit unclear:

on the AX6, browse to;stok=<STOK>/api/misystem/extendwifi_connect?ssid={the ssid of the other router}&password={the WPA passphrase of the other router}

What does it mean "on the AX6 browse this"? It means behind the AX6 in a PC browser?

A bit of clarification would be nice.

You don't need the firmware binary. Just start at the "Gain persistent SSH" section.

  1. You don't have to change the AX6 IP address. Leave it as is. Just set the "other" router to (I actually didn't use another router but rather hostapd on my laptop).
  2. The two routers are connected to each other through Wi-Fi. This is happening when you browse to the extendwifi_connect URL.
  3. The PC is what causing the AX6 to connect to the "other" router. Keep it connected through LAN, and by browsing to the extendwifi_connect URL you'll trigger the AX6 to connect to the other router through Wi-Fi.

And yes, "on the AX6" means that you just have to browse on your PC to the AX6's IP and URL, i.e. the URL that you provided.


Thanks! Hopefully I will receive my unit a couple days from now and I can try it out.

I just want to clarify, to get SSH it's enough to have LAN cable and hotspot daemon? As far as I understand, you've done this on Linux?

Yes and yes.

Hi Guys,
Good news, OpenWrt was successfully ported to AX3600. Here is original post:
or 4PDA

and here is link to firmware:

Is there someone who can port it to our device (AX6)?


There is not even a single review on it (on 4pda), looks like there is still a lot of work to do and it might be pretty unstable.

I have created a page for our router on the

feel free to add some valuable information to the page ...

I received my AX6 today, of course all Chinese language. The webgui starts with some sort of a wizard, but it seems there is no way to skip it and get to the main menu? Hilariously annoying. Intentionally I dont want to set up WAN yet, but it seems this crappy wizard cannot be skipped....

Actually don't remember exactly, but as far as I remember there wasn't something long. Just the name of the network and password and no long wizard (maybe some notification). It took me literally few minutes to tune it.
The only problem I had was wrong MAC of previous router, but that was my fault.