Add support for Nexxt AEIEL304U1 (Kronos 300)

I have this other device that can be a candidate for OpenWrt support, its a range extender from Nexxt Solutions its FCC ID is X4YKRNS3V2, its has:

Mainly Im looking for support on this device to support mesh wifi.

Any help could be appreciated!

Broadcom is usually a dead end for openwrt.

Mmm.. I though that could be possible since there is a router with the same SoC that is supported, Im talking about the Asus RT-N12HP and also a package on OpenWrt.

Well, it's doable, but the wifi will suffer, as pointed out in the additional comments for the N12HP.

Ok, I couldn't find the additional comments on N12HP. Nevertheless I found this article about de SoC compatibility problems pointing out:

 * Using USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 devices at the same time may cause a crash.
 * 802.11ac wireless devices (BCM4352/BCM4360 not usable at all), except for FullMAC BCM43602 (supported by brcmfmac)
 * 802.11n features on older wireless devices (BCM4331, BCM43217, BCM43227, etc.)

Being the device a range extender, it doesn't has a USB port (nevertheless a a cool feature though, it could be well a usb and/or print server, shame that they didn't add this) and there is no other combined chip, meaning that there is only the BCM5357C0 SoC then the RAM and the Flash chip (very simple board, much like the Netgear WN3000RPv1).

In which other ways may the wifi suffer?? (I don't mean to be intense on this matter).

The wireless isn't supported at all<fullstop>.

Not even by b43, which I'd consider unsupported already.

Updating my old projects, again another case that I'm embarrassed by it! Sorry by wasting time to the participants on this topic, there was no way that you could run OpenWrt on this device.

First, the flash chip is 16 Mbit not MB, this means is a 2 MB flash chip, second (again the same) the RAM is 128 Mbit not MB, meaning its 16 Mb! With such poor specs there is now way that someone could be able to run OpenWrt on such device, and even if someone could, you couldn't ever get an advantage out of it!

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