Add support for ipq60xx based devices

Well, your own link is very specific about 128 MB flash and 256 MB RAM (which is not unexpected for ipq6000, but too little to work with ath11k).

Yes, but I got a customized hardware. there is no link for this customized version of hw. so I shared the closest one.

Here is also another one with 512MB RAM, but different supplier: IPQ6000 model (GL-AX1800 Flint)

Latvian folks are realy tempting with new mikrotik hap ax both ceiling and desk version, 1gig of ram is good leverage , i had hap ax2 in hands but hesitating a bit to grab him , if they made 4x4 stream with 6 gigz radio then i'll cant't stop myself to buy one.

I'm working together with Wallystech to add some boards that also interest my employer.
6018v4 is one of them.

Did you try the dts's which are available on wallystech github?

I'm willing to help out here :slight_smile:

Please dont even try to use the QSDK DTS-es, easier to just write them from scratch for the upstream kernel.

BTW, I am also working on IPQ60xx support in OpenWrt now that I got it semi-decent upstream thanks to it sharing a lot of parts with IPQ807x.
I am planning to add a new target for all Qualcomm AX SoC-s and then just have them as subtargets as they share a lot of stuff and it doesn't make sense to copy/paste new targets


Can you share the source code and DTS/DTSI?!

Not yet, its not yet usable as OpenWrt

Finally :slightly_smiling_face: I can test on Linksys MR7350. For now, it works perfectly fine on 5.15 except partially broken USB and not working reboot. Also, I compiled the kernel 6.1 without a problem, but it's better to wait for your work.