Add support for Huawei HG659 (was:Modem not on the list)

Hello My Moden,

Huawei, model HG659 is not on the list.

There are other Huawei models on the list.

Can I use a set up from a different model?

What should I do?

Thank you

You should find out what SoC it uses, since that is what mostly determines supportability. The only well supported DSL SoC manufacturer on LEDE/OpenWrt is Lantiq. From what I can find (amongst others, an OpenWrt wiki entry), it seems to be another Broadcom SoC. The wiki overview page for the Broadco 63xx SoC family isn't clear about the DSL support, but from what I've can find, have seen or heard, there is no open source DSL support for it. And it looks like this is the final straw...

Hi Developers, there is quite a bit of info now on the deviceinfo page

Incl some links to GPL code from other DSL routers with the same BCM63168 SoC.
You'll see the forum links (on the device info page) indicating that there is a large & growing number of people in the Australian and New Zealand community that are interested in using these routers for projects.

I understand there was some reluctance for OpenWRT to support NAND flash, and there is a comment in the stating "NAND flash chips are supported since Linux kernel 4.5, but still not integrated into OpenWrt."

I see someone has posted a successful OpenWRT bootlog from a Comtrend VG-8050 which uses a BCM63169 SoC with 128MB NAND flash.

  1. Is it possible to install a generic OpenWRT image on the HG659 router, accepting that there will be unsupported features (DSL, Voice, limited wifi)? If so - which image could be used?

  2. If there is no image available, what is the correct process to request a generic image?

I would like to be able to use these devices for generic linux IoT projects. I don't need the DSL or Voice features. Wifi would be useful, but not essential.

I have a stack of devices available to play with, so if a developer needs one for testing, please contact me directly and I may be able to ship you one (free of charge).

Many thanks in advance.

Hi demuxr. Good news, now the target bcm63xx gained support for NAND flash chips. Some examples of the recently supported bcm63xx NAND based routers:

BCM6362 / BCM63268 still lack wifi support.

Therefore, your router model could also be supported, the drawback is the risk of bricking the device in the meanwhile of adding the support.