Add support for dlink DIR-878 R1

Hi All,

Just purchased a Dlink DIR-878 R1 bootloader version.

I'll start from the end:

The only thing that worked for me was using a built in tool in dlink's fw called fw_update, using built in telnet service. Pushed the openwrt binary to the router using the netcat tool(nc)

Im now happily running owned compiled openwrt 21.02. :smirk:

I followed these threads:

(Too bad the second one is locked. I would continue there).

Tried the signature method with the salted md5 but it did not work. Both dlink web gui and fail safe mode refused to accept the image.
Same for all dlink russian fw versions for the 878.
Also using 882 R1 openwrt FW was rejected by the router.

The 878 R1 Partitions are the same as the 882 R1 partiotions. No additional config partition.

Some question

  1. How can I update the wiki to let other folks enjoy openwrt as well?
  2. Do you see a need to submit patches?
    Or should other folks use the 882 r1 opewrt fw which is basically same. (Same hw and same partitions. No usb on 878 though..)

Tagging relevant PoCs:
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Just a note
the R1 firmware comes with a copy of uboot boot loader
and if it's different it updates it
you should be able to flash the basic R1 firmware
the same as you did with fw_update
I think this will remove any signature requirements
and allow the fail safe interface to upload the DIR-882-R1
the only difference is the room for the USB-led trigger program & labeling
how ever you are welcome to add a pull request for the DIR-878-R1
would not be hard at all & even add you country's signature
as I don't think the basic R1 firmware needs or looks for this

Thx for your reply @Lucky1

I have added a PR:

So it sounds like I should have used the dlink fw_update tool to push a russian dlink fw and that would run over the bootloader with a version that doesnt check for sigantures...
Any way to revert to stock and retry? I have saved all the flash partitions prior to switching to opewrt.

My setup is working well now with openwrt so not sure I will try that but want to have some backup plan if openwrt gets corrupted from some reason..

On the router box it says:
H/W ver: R1 F/W ver: 1.0.0
UPC Code /IL/R1B

if you can get the version of stock firmware that has a matching signature
it should always flash from the failesafe interface